This Girl Spent 1000 Hours Working On This Incredibly Detailed Anubis Costume That Looks Like It Was Made With CGI

Some people do cross-stitch as a hobby, others like gardening, while this game designer from Switzerland is making costumes. While Martina is just on her third, the video of her in the costume which she shared on Reddit instantly received over 100,000 likes and numerous comments. The passionate cosplayer sure did receive a lot of attention and we think that it’s only fair since the costume really does look majestic.

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“The character is a statue that I found online, designed by Hui Zou and built by R-one studio. I immediately fell in love with the design and asked the artist if I could make a cosplay from it. My idea was to make my own lowpoly version of the character and they agreed. Lowpoly means I want the costume to look digital and artificial instead of realistic, like an early stylized 3D computer graphic come to life. So I started making my own templates in Blender, a 3D software,” Martina told Bored Panda.

What is most amazing is that, as the heading indicates, it is only the third costume that this game designer has made. “I don’t consider myself a master at costume making. I still have a ton to learn. Love doing it tho,” she said. The designer also added that making costumes is just a hobby of hers while she is still working full-time.

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