New Banksy Hula Hoop Girl Mural Unveiled on Side of Nottingham Beauty Salon

Carl Recine/Reuters

Banksy has posted a picture of a mural of a girl hula-hooping on social media, ending speculation over whether he was behind the work. The mural appeared on a wall on the corner of Rothesay Avenue in Lenton, Nottingham.

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Carl Recine/Reuters

Painted in black and white, the tongue-in-cheek image sits just behind a battered bike chained to a lamp post with an infinity lock. The bike is missing a tyre. Surinder Kaur, who runs the beauty salon next to the artwork, said the bike had appeared at the same time as the mural.

Carl Recine/Reuters

She said within hours the council had rushed to protect the piece by placing clear plastic sheeting over it. Vandals have spray-painted over the plastic two or three times already.

“Everyone is very excited and many, many people are coming to see the picture,” Kaur said. “Everyone was confused about whether it was real or not real but it’s an amazing picture, it’s amazing art.”

Carl Recine/Reuters

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