Spectacular Winning Images from The Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Whether they were with a drone, or from a helicopter, kite, balloon, or airplane, aerial photos give an extraordinary view of the world. This is what Aerial Photography Awards wanted to show us. The very first edition of this contest invited photographers from around the world to submit their best aerial photos, and the winners have just been announced.

Sebastien Nagy/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

The Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020 is photographer ​Sebastien Nagy​ from Belgium. He was selected to be the overall winner thanks to several awarded photos in different categories and a high average score. Other than the title, Nagy also won a $10,000 award. Interestingly enough, the photographer said that he had never entered a contest before. He decided to give it a shot now – and he won the main award.

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Bachir Moukarzel/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Sebastien Nagy/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Sebastien Nagy/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Daniel Bonte/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Thien Nguyen/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Hua Shang/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Azim Khan Ronnie/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Sebastian Müller/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Ilanna Barkusky/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Prabu Mohan/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Yura Borschev/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Joel Jochum/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Min Maung Maung Myo/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Brad Walls/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Suirong Huang/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Johan Vandenhecke/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Alexander Sukharev/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Mehmet Aslan/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Santiago Tur/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Duy Sinh/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Khanh Phan/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Andrea Caruso/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Azim Khan Ronnie/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

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