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Stunning Vintage Photos of the Panther 6, a Crazy 6-Wheeled UK Sports Car From 1977

The Panther 6 was a British six-wheel convertible produced by Panther in 1977. The car is powered by a mid-mounted 8.2 L (500 cu in) Cadillac V8 engine with twin turbochargers paired to a three-speed automatic transmission. Only two cars were made (one in black, one in white), both of which are known to still exist.


The six-wheel configuration was inspired by the Tyrrell P34 racing car. The layout consists of one pair of larger rear wheels with Pirelli 265/50VR16 tyres, and two pairs of smaller steerable front wheels with Pirelli 205/40VR13 tyres. This concept of the Panther Six was considered an early masterpiece of a true supercar.

The specification included a detachable hard top and convertible soft top, electronic instruments, air conditioning, an automatic fire extinguisher, electric seats and windows, a telephone and a dashboard-mounted television set.

Claims for the top speed of this vehicle suggested it was capable of over 200 mph (322 km/h); however, these claims are unsubstantiated as neither were ever seriously test driven at the time.

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