3D Artist Refreshes The Image Of These Artists Of The Past

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Artists inspire other artists, hence they get a lot of tributes, ranging from paintings, to musical pieces, to busts and sculptures dedicated to them. It’s no different with Hadi Karimi, who dedicates his time to recreating some of the most legendary artists from the past few centuries in 3D modelling programs like zBrush, Maya, and others.

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Frédéric Chopin

The thing that catches the eye the most is the level of detail in each and every one of his recreations. Hadi’s 3D images are extremely lifelike and high-quality masterpieces that stand out as works of art of their own. And even though AI recreations are catching up, they’re no match for the skilled hand of Hadi.

Marilyn Monroe

And it’s not only about just making them really detailed. He puts extra work into his research and tries to find out what they really looked like, rather than just trusting the interpretation of other artists’ renditions. Most of the time, the paintings are exaggerated and flattering, but far from the actual truth. Hadi uses life and death masks, and compares a lot of versions of paintings and photos before he decides what exactly he’ll try to remodel. Which is why his 3D renders look so refreshing.

Freddie Mercury

These are not all of his works that made the list, since it focuses more on truly great artists that have passed. But you can check out all of his portfolio on Instagram and the pages linked below if you want to see more. The artist said that he’ll do more works on the theme of “women in history” next, so keep your eye out!

Franz Liszt

Sylvia Plath

Audrey Hepburn

David Bowie

Felix Mendelssohn

Johannes Brahms

Friedrich Nietzsche

Franz Schubert

Clara Schumann

Kurt Cobain

Robert Schumann

Grace Kelly

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