Polish Designer Livia Clue Bringing Slavic Ethno Into Modern Fashion, It’s Great! – Design You Trust

Polish Designer Livia Clue Bringing Slavic Ethno Into Modern Fashion, It’s Great!

When you think of modern design, it always comes from same designers in the west, they promote it over the famous models and basically you get to wear and see same things over and over again. This is why we bring you a Polish designer Livia Clue that decided to step away from mainstream fashion and bring her national folk in her designs.

She is getting pretty famous for her works and ladies across the world are acknowledging her designs. Truth to be told Slavic folklore designs were always pretty, for hundreds of years, but not many designers have successfully merged it into modern fashion and everyday wearable pieces.

More info: Livia Clue, Facebook, Instagram (h/t: slavforum)

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