This Baker Creates Incredibly Realistic Scarycakes Inspired By Horror Movies


According to a chief: “I love all things dark and scary and don’t get frightened by things that go bump in the night. Is there a monster under my bed? Better make him a welcome loaf of Black as my Soul Bread! A boogie man in my closet? I wonder if he likes Pork Stuffed Tadpoles in Bog Broth Soup! Demons coming for dinner? Let’s serve up some Roast Beast and Chicken Foot Pot Pie! Come join me as I venture into the Devil’s Kitchen, pry open his cookbook, and try out a few of his favorite recipes. Everything I post is absolutely 100% edible… and 99% disgusting to look at… so let your taste buds guide you as your eyes lie to you and join me as I set the table for terror. … This is my latest masterpiece. I call it “Death by Chocolate, the Autopsy.” Enjoy!”

More info: The Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon (h/t: boredpanda)

“Let’s start with the finished product first… Feeling hungry yet?”


“First thing I do is bake a disgustingly rich black chocolate sour cream pound cake”


“Mmm… Fresh from the oven and still warm!”


“While the cake is cooling, I make a chocolate skull in a mold I poured using an old Halloween prop”


“Once the cake is cool, I attach the chocolate skull using chocolate buttercream frosting”


“Then I paint the white chocolate skull using red and brown gel food dye”


“Once the skull is painted, I carefully apply a layer of marshmallow fondant (I even made ears!)”


“Then I cut open my fondant and peel it back to reveal the skull beneath!”


“A little more gel food color as well as a nice bath of chocolate syrup and we’re done! But will anyone eat it?”


“Carving the first slice!”


“Mmm… People get braver once they try the delicious cake underneath”


“Tasty tasty scarycake!”


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