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Lucky Cat Underwear Will Bring Good Fortune To Your Crotch

If you’ve traveled enough around Japan, you’ve likely spotted the ceramic figures of the ‘maneki neko’ (beckoning cat), a Japanese good luck charm that is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to its owner. Shop owners often display one at the front of their business, as the upraised paw moving in a beckoning motion is believed to summon good fortune. What you probably haven’t seen, however, is a ‘maneki neko’ summoning good luck to your crotch.

The “Good Fortune Maneki Neko Pants” are being mad available from Izavell, and are said to use the powers of a very peculiarly placed ‘maneki neko’ and the good luck color of red to attract financial success and good luck. While we’re not sure about using your crotch as a beacon for money and good luck, the underwear comes with a cute cat tail design on the back as well.

More: Izavell h/t: grapee

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