BlizzCon Community Showcase Won By Amazing WoW Bolvar Fordragon Cosplay

Hartigan Cosplay, who created an amazing cosplay of World of Warcraft’s Bolvar Fordragon, has won BlizzCon’s Community Showcase awards for Best Cosplay and Best in Show. The Community Showcase lets fans show off their artistic creations such as cosplay and music. Categories include Weapons and Armor, Digital Storytelling, Art Contest and various categories of cosplay.

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The truly impressive piece of costume artwork transforms Hartigan into Bolvar Fordragon, a recurring World of Warcraft character with an extensive backstory and ties to several of the franchise’s factions. A video posted to Hartigan’s YouTube channel shows the long process of donning the Fordragon cosplay, which includes electronics which produce light and smoke effects.

“The dress up in real life take around 12 minutes. The costume took me more or less 638h30 to craft, and I’ve made it with EVA foam, foam clay, upholstery foam, a little of Worbla, Flexbond, latex and 1000+ LEDS! The head was modeled with monsterclay and casted with latex,” an artist writes.

An accurate cosplay takes a ton of patience, skill and commitment to both create and wear. Typically the more outlandish a character design is, the more difficult it is to recreate. However, Hartigan Cosplay was able to take an extremely fantastical character design and bring it to life flawlessly.

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