This New Restaurant Concept In San Francisco Has No Visible Staff

This restaurant is perfect for those of you who don’t like dealing with people. Eatsa is a new restaurant in San Francisco, where you won’t even see anyone who works there.

After you’ve walked in and had a look at the menu on the wall, you make your way to one of the available tablets.

You place your order on the tablet and pay via credit card (no cash here), then you wait for your designated cubby to be filled with what you ordered.

Behind the scenes, there are people making your food to order, and as soon as it is ready, your cubby will tell you, via a screen, that you can open the little window and get your food. No human interaction required.

The concept is basically an advanced form of an automat. It’s kind of like FEBO in the Netherlands, but with food that is only made when you order it. If you happen to be in San Francisco, you can visit Eatsa at their flagship store located at 121 Spear Street.


Via Contemporist

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