These Papercraft Mosquitoes Look So Real You’ll Want To Swat Them

Combining realism with attention to detail and remarkable technical abilities, artist Masanobu Azami, who goes by the name Scissorhands, also deserves honorable mention among his Japanese paper-crafting peers.

Scissorhands can create minute masterpieces out of paper as well. In fact, it was his smallest creation to date that went viral last week when he tweeted it as part of a hashtag campaign for artists to introduce their representative works. His mosquito is not only accurately sized, only measuring mere millimeters in length, it looks anatomically accurate with an astonishing level of detail, from feet to antennae.

And since the infamous blood-lusting insects are rarely found in isolation, it’s only natural that Scissorhands created more than one specimen.

More: Twitter h/t: grapee

To get a better sense of the full gamut of Scissorhands’ works, here are a few examples from his Twitter account:

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