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Man Creates Custom Fish Tank So He Can Take His Goldfish For a Walk


The problem with having goldfish as pets is that you can’t really take them for a walk like you can do with land animals like dogs and cats. Well, unless you build a custom fish tank on wheels, that is!

More: Youtube h/t: sadnaduseless


It all started with a series of posts on the Facebook Open Society group from members who claimed to have spotted a man walking his pet fish around Taipei in a contraption that looked like a fish tank on wheels.


Some of the photos went viral, and people started commenting that the man pushing the fish tank was a popular Taiwanese YouTuber called Huang Xiaojie. Sure enough, coon after that, he released a video showcasing his invention, calling it one of his toughest challenges yet.


Huang Xiaojie basically welded a metal chassis as support for a sealed acrylic tube, put it on wheels and added a handle for pushing.


The acrylic tube is the actual fish tank, and it comes with a battery-powered filtration system, an air pump for oxygen, as well as a lighting system, if you really want to show off your goldfish at nighttime.


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