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Woman Discovers Penis-Shaped Island on Google Earth

A Michigan woman says she could hardly believe her eyes when she discovered an obscure, penis-shaped island in the Pacific Ocean while browsing Google Earth.

Joleen Vultaggio had been scrolling around the world map when she spotted the undeniably phallic landmass in the Trinity Islands off New Caledonia.

“I was looking around the Trinity Islands and it just popped up and I thought, ‘Wow, that really looks like an uncircumcised penis’,” she wrote. “I had to drop the pin on the map right away, so people know I didn’t just stick that image through Photoshop or create it myself. I’d love to go and travel there and sit on the d**k.”

h/t: news.com.au, the sun

The distinctive formation is roughly 500 metres in length, not that size matters. It’s unknown whether the island is inhabited by humans, however the closest landmass is the Trinity Island of Ouvea, which has a population of 3400. Simply punch in the co-ordinates 20°37’37”S 166°18’02”E into Google Maps, hit ‘satellite view,’ and you too can … have a browse.

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