Malaysian Artist Draws The Cutest Animals, Imagines Them Living In Our World

Malaysian artist Yee Chong draws the most adorable little digital creatures and brings them to life by inserting them into our real world.

The artist designs fantastical critters that resemble real animals, the mischievous fox being the fluffy protagonist and other animals making an occasional cameo, but he manages to make them even cuter by putting them in everyday scenarios and giving them a variety of lifelike facial expressions that will definitely make you go “aww.” The furries look so real you’d actually want to adopt them for snuggles! And if not, speaking on behalf of humanity—please, turn them into an animated movie!

“Because of the no-pet policy in my apartment, I can only have an imaginary pet,” the artist told Bored Panda. “Also, it started as an exercise to paint realistically, but people ended up liking it.”

More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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