The Dark, Cyberpunk And Fantasy Paintings Of Jakub Rebelka

Jakub Rebelka’s work is like a cross between a stained-glass window and a colorful manga — it’s timeless, in a way, with a flat, intricately detailed style, but it also blurs the line between science fiction and fantasy in a way that’s absolutely gorgeous. Drawing is about the only thing he ever imagined doing; Rebelka’s illustrations have been featured in comic books and video games, but he says his favorite piece is whatever he’s working on at the moment.

“I am experiencing my illustrations only while creating them,” he explains, “after I forget about it.”

Growing up in Poland, Rebelka drew inspiration from a huge range of sources, everyone from iconic French comic artist Moebius to Akira artist Katsuhiro Otomo to Polish painter Stanislaw Szukalski. But the big names weren’t the most important influence on his career.

“My father is an amazing artist,” says Rebelka, “he taught me all.”

This broad range of influences has led to a distinct look, one that jumps between different styles at ease; his work can feel like a classic painting by way of Japanese and French comic artists. Like many artists, he uses a combination of real world techniques — in his case, acrylic paints and water colors — in addition to digital tools like Photoshop. His late night illustration sessions are fueled primarily by music and audiobooks.

“I spend a lot of time behind the desk drawing,” he says.

More info: Artstation (h/t: theverge)

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