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The Golden Age of Flying: A Look Back On Air Travel In The 1950s And ’60s

The 1950 and 1960s have become known as the “Golden Age” of flying. It was a time of glamorous air hostesses and gourmet meals, and of great leg room for all.

Delta Airlines

While it might have become known as the Golden Age of flying, taking to the air in the 1950s and 1960s had its downsides. For a start it was much more dangerous, and far more expensive. Then there was the smoke from all those cigars, cigarettes and pipes. And, once you’d looked out of the window there was not a lot to do but twiddle your thumbs. But there were upsides to flying back then too – like ever-flowing drinks and a party atmosphere.

These old photos will give you a glimpse into the air travel during this era.


PanAm Boeing 747

A view from the control tower of the Greater Cincinnati Airport

American Airlines

Boeing 707 and 720

Columbia Metropolitan Airport, Columbia, SC

Continental 747 Ponape Lounge, Airline Attendant

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines

DC-6 Mainliner United Airlines 48

Delta Airlines Convair 880

Eastern Airlines Falcon Lounge

Houston International Airport

Moisant International Airport, New Orleans

Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Electra Jet

Pan Am Airlines

United Air Lines DC-6 and DC-6B Mainliners

United Airlines DC6 Airplane Meal Service Club Car Section

United Airlines Red Carpet Service

United Airlines

United Airlines

Western Airlines

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