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Awesome Illustrations About Women by Majéon

Majéon is an artist from Montpellier, in the south of France. Her artistic work revolves around women and highlights the place they hold in our society. They are present in her creations since the beginning. Through the characters she depicts, she talks about the women who “helps us to grow up, the ones who change our lives and leave it a trace”.

To do this, the artist uses black, white, and gold, which she arranges in a graphic and harmonious way. “The black and white that I use mainly allow me to create shadows and reliefs to emphasize this sensuality”, she explains. As a childcare nurse, Majéon accompanies mothers in important moments of their lives in the intimacy of their families. “I am sensitive to family ties and to those that are forged throughout life.”, she adds. A profession that creates moments that explain the sweetness of some of her works.

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