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A Street Artist Creates Giant Mural In A Maximum Security Prison In California

It’s been amazing to see JR’s projects take shape over the past few years, from inmmersive city video murals to the wheatpasting at the foot of the Louvre. There’s an energy in his work that is so palpable.

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His latest project is one of his best of the year, a massive “mural” within the walls of California Correctional Institution: Tehachapi in Southern California. The mural depicts the current and former incarcerated men, as well as some of the prison staff, on the ground within the prison.

As JR’s team noted, “JR and his team captured the portraits and stories of former and currently incarcerated citizens that are keenly focused on rehabilitation, as well as some of the prison staff, and pasted them with their help, as a large team, on the recreation space within CCI.

“The wheatpasting of 338 strips of paper was completed in a few hours thanks to the help of all the participants in the project, and more incarcerated men and staff, working together with JR’s team.”


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