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“Temple of Eternity”: The Superb 3D and VR Artworks of Oleg Soroko

Oleg started his career in architecture. He studied 6 years in Moscow Architectural University and founded his own firm in 2015, that was mostly doing commercial interior design.

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Now he is concentrating on his personal art projects, that’s are about parametric art and design, that influences a big range of objects, like cars, clothing, furniture ect. Some of the projects, made by Oleg, stays in the concept stage or becomes a print series and some are fabricated by different digital fabrication techniques by CNC machines, 3d printers ect.

Oleg is always experimenting with newest technologies and tools like Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, ect.

Oleg is researching different methods of proceduraly generated digital substance, because he believes that this forms will be very popular in future. And he is actively promoting this concept. Name of the concept is After-Form. Oleg is always open to collaboration and he already has a lot of art collaborations with big companies and artists like IBM, Adobe, Olgilvy&Mather, Joris Laarman.

The most known Oleg’s project is parametric furniture series. Oleg founded his own manufacture that produces furniture of his design. You can find his objects all over the world, in New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Sinapore, at the “New Arbat” – one of the main streets of Moscow, and 65 benches in Muscat international airport in Oman.

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