An Artist Has Designed Attractive Anti-Social Media Banners To Fight Social Media Addiction – Design You Trust

An Artist Has Designed Attractive Anti-Social Media Banners To Fight Social Media Addiction


According to Slovak artist Slavo Glinsky: “Using social media nowadays is so addictive it can be compared to smoking 50 years ago. My aim is to show, how it steal our attention and make us more engaged, but less joyful – even depressed.”

h/t: boredpanda


“I am web and user experience designer, so I’ve have took mock-ups and designed how would look anti-social media campaign in few years on our mobile screens. It’s made in same style as Tobacco packaging warning messages, what we can see almost on every tobacco product today. In few years there may be same addicts to consuming content online.”, an artist told Bored Panda.


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