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These Students Put An An “Alien”-Themed Play, And The Set Looks Freakin’ Amazing


Students at North Bergen High School performed “Aliens The Play” this month, and their set and costumes are blowing our minds.

h/t: nj


The play, which is based on the 1979 horror film “Alien,” debuted on March 19 at the high school and students performed a second show Friday night. According to senior Justin Pierson, who worked on the sound crew for the play, the set was made largely of recycled materials.


“This is going to sound really funny but (the set crew used) garbage essentially. Just anything that was lying around like cardboard and metal,” he said.


Twitter user Paul Owens posted a few shots of the space-themed set, complete with students wearing NASA-like spacesuits, and ominous, rocky galactic terrain and ruins.

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