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The Photos of the Stunning 1976 Citroën DS Tissier Car Transporter

1976 Citroen Ds Tissier 1

This automobile, which was constructed by Tissier in 1976 for a French motor club, was based on a Citroën DS from the year 1970.

In the beginning, there were thirty-five of these automobiles that had four doors and four axles, but now there are just three left. This car, like the standard DS, is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension system. However, in contrast to the standard DS, it is able to independently lower both the front and the back, which eliminates the need for additional ramps while loading and unloading a vehicle. It can reach speeds of up to 170 kilometers per hour.


1976 Citroen Ds Tissier 2
1976 Citroen Ds Tissier 3
1976 Citroen Ds Tissier 4
1976 Citroen Ds Tissier 5
1976 Citroen Ds Tissier 6

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