Amazing Vintage Japanese Pachimon Postcards With Famous Places Around the World – Design You Trust

Amazing Vintage Japanese Pachimon Postcards With Famous Places Around the World


Pachimon is a vintage series of budget bromide trading cards made by the Japanese companies Yokopro and Yamapro featuring unauthorized alterations of pre-existing kaiju collaged with other photographic elements. The term Pachimon itself is a fan-created moniker roughly reading as “stolen monsters.”



The first series published by Yokopro featuring lone monsters appearing among the city, often Japanese locations. A secondary “Dinosaur” version was also issued alongside the “Monster Collage” cards.


Perhaps the most recognizable of the Yokopro releases, this second series features giant monsters menacing famous cities, landmarks, and natural wonders outside of Japan. All these monsters were originally nameless but were given such titles in later playing card editions.


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