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The RoAcH CoAcH: How the Designer Imagined the Cars of The Future from The 1970s


The RoAcH CoAcH, originally built by RoAcH, Inc in the 70′s is alive and well and living in Dayton, OH. The brainchild of RoAcH, Inc., the custom show car was designed by Ed Newton and built by Dan Woods, Don Boeke, and a band of merry men. The car was a ISC show-car for years.

After hundreds of hours over six years, the RoAcH CoAcHwas born. The debut was a monster party during the 1978 NHRA Spring Nationals. The party celebrated the opening of RoAcH, Inc.’s new 100,000 sq ft. facility.


Designer: Ed Newton
Body: Dan Woods & Ed Newton custom fiberglass sculpture
Chassis: Granatelli Indy Car
Paint: Egyptian Body Shop
Interior: Egyptian Body Shop
Assembly: Egyptian Body Shop


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