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This Artist Will Show You How Photography and Photoshop Help Her Escape Reality

“The Chrysanthemum” – Faking Underwater Scenes

According to Hayley Roberts: “Creative photography gave me a way to slip out of this world and into the magical worlds I dream about.

Previously I’d never believed I was a creative person, but these tools gave me a way to express the things I was feeling; I’ve certainly never had success at drawing or painting. It’s amazing to think that with the right medium, we can all create incredible things. If you haven’t found your medium, I hope that you do.

I taught myself photography and Photoshop through the use of fun projects. I’d decide what method of creative photography I wanted to explore next and then create an image around it. I’ve now explored over 100 techniques and written tutorials about each of them to help other photographers. It’s an enjoyable way to learn and stay motivated, and I’d love to share these projects with you.”

More: Hayley Roberts, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

“Hear Us” – Creating Invisible People

“My journey as a photography artist began, funnily enough, as a new year’s resolution. I was feeling unfulfilled in life and decided to commit to spending a year learning photography and Photoshop while creating one piece of artwork a week. I started that year believing I had no creative ability and ended the year an award-winning artist. It still makes me laugh at the absurdity of it.”

“My Neighbor” – Exploring Forced Perspective

“The inspiration for my images stems primarily from my parents reading me fairy tales. As a child, I was under the impression that adult life would be full of magic and adventures and was deeply disappointed to discover that wasn’t the case. So now I use Photoshop to add magic to every day because if I can’t find it in life, why not create it myself? But it’s also a way to pay my respects to the art I love, process the difficult experiences I’ve had and explore my deep connection with nature, animals and the magic that’s actually available everywhere when we learn how to notice it.

An artwork can take several hours to several weeks to edit depending on the complexity. But I love the process of creation so it never feels like work.”

“The Wrong Dress” – Making Miniatures

“I never really understood why I create the works I do; it’s always been a fairly intuitive process. But just recently I was looking through my work again and could clearly see the story of a girl who felt trapped but, through discovering creativity, came alive in ways she’d never dreamed were possible. It’s not an exaggeration to say that photography saved me and so now I teach other people how to create this kind of art as a way to discover their own uniqueness and let it shine.”

“Back Breaks And Heart Aches” – Learning How To Levitate

“A high school teacher told me I wasn’t creative and it broke my heart because I loved art deeply. It was only when I discovered photography that I realized that wasn’t true. And so I became obsessed with creative photography to an unhealthy degree because it gave me a gift I never thought I could have. And so it’s my life’s work, it’s how I love to spend every minute of my day, and I’m devoted to showing other photographers through my artworks and my teachings that cameras are so much more than just a documentary tool. They’re a wonderful creative tool that offers limitless ways to explore and express your creativity (even if you don’t think you’re creative). I’ve never been good at doing what I’m told and I love to use my work to inspire others to follow their own path.”

“The Crossing” – Using Opacity To Call Up The Dead

“I now run an online photography school, Creative Photo Folk, where I teach Photoshop compositing and trick photography to help other photographers discover all the creative ways they can use their cameras. I believe that pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with photography is truly the key to creating original work that gets attention and sells while also having the most fun and rewarding time you’ll ever have with a camera.”

The Stars Are Falling” – Turning Day Into Night

“Spellbound” – Adding Special Effects

“Seasons Change” – Dispersing Away Into Nothing

“Metamorphosis” – Trying Out Digital Painting

“If You Go Down To The Woods Today” – Extending Hair And Dresses

“Farewell, My Lovely” – Using Silhouettes To Tell Stories

“Wallflower” – Using Displacement Maps

“Words Escape Me” – Creating Photoshop Brushes

“Vengeance” – Created To Try Out HDR

“Silenced” – Using The Smudge Tool To Turn A Photo Into A Painting

“Storm Clouds Gather” – Using Black And White With Selective Colour

“Deer Petal” – Mirroring An Image

“Invasion” – Messing With Perspective To Make Giants

“The Fatal Attraction” – Making Objects Float And Multiplicity

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