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Dark Humor Stories That’ll Make You Think


Love. There’s nothing in this world more amazing. But as these “gleefully dark and whimsical” comics remind us, there’s also nothing more painful. The artist behind them is Gypsie Raleigh, an artist, author, poet and playwright from Portland, Oregon.

More info: Gypsie Raleigh, Soolie Beetch (h/t: boredpanda)


“Sometimes life leaves me speechless,” Raleigh told Bored Panda when we asked the artist what inspired her. “When I fail to find the words, I try to find an image that can speak in my silence. My drawings have been inspired by everything from the deaths of people close to me, anxiety, and my own broken heart–to seeing an old bird cage or having a bad work day. I turned to art, because my parents raised me off grid in the Mount Hood Wilderness, and there wasn’t anything better to do. At the time, I was just sad that I didn’t have friends. Now, it’s a way of life.”


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