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McDonald’s located in the “Middle of Nowhere” Activates Conspiracy Theories


Because of its unusual location – in rural Quebec, Canada, surrounded by farmland – a McDonald’s restaurant that opened only a week ago has gone viral on social media.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, and one of the ways it achieved this status was by opening restaurants in high-traffic areas that virtually guaranteed a certain number of customers. However, a recently opened location has attracted attention for turning that recipe on its head. The new McDonald’s restaurant at 8075 Avenue Marcel-Villeneuve in Saint-François is surrounded by farmland and does not appear to be connected to the power grid, instead running on a generator.

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“It’s literally in the middle of a farm field,” says tiktoker @thumbs.up.canuck, who lives near the restaurant. “It’s surrounded by farms and doesn’t even have electricity yet.” They’re using a generator to power the damn place! That’s insane!”

The tiktoker’s short video of the strangely isolated McDonald’s has been viewed tens of thousands of times and has sparked several conspiracy theories and rumors on the internet. Some speculate that McDonald’s agreed to sell its franchise there because it knows something that no one else does: the surrounding land is about to be sold to developers, and the entire area is about to be overrun with new homes. McDonald’s basically got in early, before the price of land skyrocketed.


“Then you know what’s coming because they wouldn’t have put it there for nothing,” one TikTok user commented.

“All of the surrounding farms are about to be purchased and sold to developers,” wrote another.

It’s unclear whether any of these theories are correct, as McDonald’s Canada has yet to comment on the restaurant’s unusual location.


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