The Brass Era Automobiles: Super Cool Pics Of American People With Their Cars From The 1900s And Early 1910s

Family and a Ford Model T

The Brass Era is an American term for the early period of automotive manufacturing, named for the prominent brass fittings used during this time for such things as lights and radiators. It is generally considered to encompass 1896 through 1915, a time when these vehicles were often referred to as horseless carriages.

Here is a cool photo collection of American people with their cars from the 1900s and early 1910s.


Couple in a 1906 Ford, Model N, Roadster

Couple in a 1911 EMF Roadster

A man and five young women in a 1912 Cadillac Model 30 Touring car in Pasadena, CA

Family and their 1908 Maxwell-Briscoe Model H in Chicago

Family in a 1903 Cadillac Model A Tonneau

Family in a 1906 Winton Model K in Seattle

Family in a 1910 EMF 30 Touring car

Family in a 1910 Ford Model T Tourabout

Family in a 1910 Mitchell

Family in a 1912 Winton in Plantsville, Connecticut

Family in a 1915 Ford Model T Tourer

First Auto in Crescent City, CA, 1905

Gentlemen in a 1909 Cadillac Model 30

Group in 1907 Stevens-Duryea in front of Charles Kirst Hotel, Scranton, PA

Indiana couple in a 1914 Willys Overland

John Albrecht and family in Halladay automobile, August 1910

Ladies in a circa 1910 Peerless touring car

Man in a 1910 or 1911 Whiting Model A Roadster

Man stands in front of a 1913 Willys-Knight Overland Model 69 in Golden City, Missouri

Motoring near Portland, OR, 1910

Ohio Couple in 1908 Cadillac Model S

Ohio tourists in a 1909 Oakland in Gettysburg, PA

Old man in his E.M.F. auto which has a 1909 Massachusetts license plate

Possibly a 1911 Ames

Seattle family in a 1912 Speedwell

Man in a 1913 Winton, Seattle

Young man in a 1912 Pierce Arrow Model 36

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