Created From The Recycled Tire Tubes, The Pangolin By Cyclus Takes Backpacks To Another Level

2010’s Steel Pencil Design Award winner, the Pangolin by Cyclus takes backpacks to another level. Handmade by Colombian people in need and consisted of recycled tire inner tubes, the backpack is inspired by the pangolin, a mammal that possesses large keratin scales covering its skin for protection.

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Recalling this exoskeleton, the design, instead of following the standard zipped closure system, is done in such way that the scale layers are retractable and locked by a triple magnetic mechanism.

Along with the scales, the texture created by the recycled rubber gives uniqueness to an extremely durable ware that, as the nocturnal animal itself, suggests hard, extreme, and, why not, urban conditions.

Part of a collection of objects that mime the pangolin’s biomechanics, this backpack is suited to those looking for more than just goods… It is suited to those searching for an environmental and social friendly experience, filled with practical yet poetic traits.

It’s really inspiring to see these issues allied to such an edgy and straightforward piece that strives for functionality and simplicity having Nature simultaneously as its great muse and protégé.

Who could have ever imagined that from tires it would be possible to create not only a backpack, but a trendy sharp shell of your own?

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