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IKEA Shares How To Make 6 Types Of Furniture Forts During Quarantine

If you’re quarantining with kids who are becoming increasingly bored, IKEA Russia has your back. The retailer has just released a new campaign, bringing back childhood adventures indoors.

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Created by an agency called Instinct, the campaign consists of a set of instructions on how to build tents, castles, forts, and other cool structures to help you get through the pandemic. Some people are already using them, and posting pictures of their play home with the hashtag #явдомикеикеа (which roughly translates from Russian to “I’m in an IKEA house”).

The “easy-to-follow” instructions (of course, your opinion may vary, especially if you’ve ever tried assembling an IKEA product) show how simple everyday items like blankets, bedspreads, chairs, and stools can be used to make a new hideaway. For example, Höuse requires a table, two blankets, eight books, and ten laundry pins. And the best thing about all of this is that you don’t need to use IKEA furniture, you can replace it with whatever is around.

Some people are already using the instructions:

















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