Brand New VW Transporter Gets Witty Camouflage To Keep It From Being Stolen – Design You Trust

Brand New VW Transporter Gets Witty Camouflage To Keep It From Being Stolen

There are plenty of different ways to protect your car from theft, but one owner of a Volkswagen Transporter van decided to protect it in a novel way – by covering the new vehicle in rust-like vinyl to make it look like a hunk of junk!

The artwork for the vinyl wrap, done by Clyde’s Wraps in Glasgow, involved taking exact measurements of the entire van. This allowed their artists to realistically model rust as if it had been formed by water running down from the vehicle’s handles, mirrors and frames.

“It only took 3 days for the police to pull him over to ask what was going on with all the rust,” Clyde’s Wraps write on their website. “Please note that there is nothing illegal about going to town with graphics on your vehicle but it may confuse others!” That’s true, but in this case, it seems like that was exactly the point – and it worked!


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