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Indian Mom Creates Tiny and Minimalistic Food Art

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Sindhu Rajan, a food artist and mother from India, has embarked on an enchanting new project called the ’25 Days Countdown for Christmas.’

Starting on December 1, 2023, she passionately committed herself to the art of creating edible masterpieces using wholesome snacks and fruits, cleverly integrating them into her family’s daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With the holiday season upon us, Sindhu eagerly looks forward to sharing her delightful and uncomplicated food art creations with all of us.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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Sindhuskitchen Foodart 387764980 18317150005104842 6628404528154340409 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 387801336 18317595370104842 8226520186616240517 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 393334640 18318109243104842 6052221266348869001 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 393792147 18318374188104842 9096523609522586221 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 395901301 18319635919104842 4263077290322327581 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 404596718 18323989117104842 4849759201827824081 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 404949896 18323863459104842 847908301700094642 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406442404 18325927468104842 6149819511981710378 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406457233 18325390843104842 997013120273450661 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406467854 18326215180104842 6418587419284744143 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406512154 18326667340104842 3869395571943796163 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406810063 18325239757104842 536668655612915438 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406836847 18326072689104842 3406332392348989877 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406869087 18326353543104842 5537879970062540924 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 406870640 18326818099104842 8274272051949132164 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 407593993 18325793338104842 5315214459774232211 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 407725628 18325588600104842 4236432597694355697 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 409191102 18327075253104842 4724926050146798689 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 409524650 18326547223104842 1348603933996454904 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 410219858 18327236689104842 5208328278449707690 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 410239047 18327813481104842 1091987341109709612 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 410754093 18327663451104842 6236797649545881881 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 410850600 18327380344104842 5717429695068205660 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 410912092 18328077673104842 8766150331018373594 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 411859427 18328533580104842 3799297223324835751 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 412403437 18327727465104842 423217585148459932 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 412501115 18327918841104842 7347023573607956420 N
Sindhuskitchen Foodart 413838662 18328287181104842 4607241501093073332 N

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