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Stunning Photos of Jane Fonda in the 1960s


Born on December 21, 1937, to famed actors Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour, Jane Fonda became an Oscar winner twice. She has now achieved success in her own profession as an actor and political activist.

Jane Fonda played June Ryder in Tall Story, her first major motion picture role, in the 1960s. Most people do, however, agree that she had her debut in Cat Ballou, where she co-starred with Oscar winner Lee Marvin in the title role. She began to gain recognition after receiving positive reviews for her performance in Barbaella, which turned her into a sex icon. “Fonda goes all the way with it, as screen actresses rarely do once they become stars,” observed renowned film critic Pauline Kael. She had to decline a number of jobs at the end of the decade, including the main roles in Bonnie and Clyde and Rosemary’s Baby. She also had appearances in four Broadway productions throughout this decade.


Jane Fonda 1960s 1
Jane Fonda 1960s 2
Jane Fonda 1960s 3
Jane Fonda 1960s 4
Jane Fonda 1960s 5
Jane Fonda 1960s 6
Jane Fonda 1960s 7
Jane Fonda 1960s 8
Jane Fonda 1960s 9
Jane Fonda 1960s 10
Jane Fonda 1960s 11
Jane Fonda 1960s 12
Jane Fonda 1960s 13
Jane Fonda 1960s 14
Jane Fonda 1960s 15
Jane Fonda 1960s 16
Jane Fonda 1960s 17
Jane Fonda 1960s 18
Jane Fonda 1960s 19
Jane Fonda 1960s 20
Jane Fonda 1960s 21
Jane Fonda 1960s 22
Jane Fonda 1960s 23
Jane Fonda 1960s 24
Jane Fonda 1960s 25
Jane Fonda 1960s 26
Jane Fonda 1960s 27
Jane Fonda 1960s 28
Jane Fonda 1960s 30

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