Okuda Installs The World’s Northernmost Sculpture In Yakustk, Russia

As part of the project, curated by the National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha, the northernmost sculpture of the famous Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel (previously) was installed on the embankment of Sajsary Lake in Yakutsk, complementing the urban improvement program.

The 4-meter public art object Ancestral Retromirage, cast from steel with sharp spikes and the artist’s signature geometric style in the rainbow gamut was installed in the city, standing on the permafrost.

Inspired by Yakut mythology, the Spanish artist turned to the topic of spirituality, reflecting on the fact that the nature of modern man hides the original instincts. Creating a project for the capital of Yakutia, where the power of the elements is strong, he decided to portray the primitive Man without the shackles of civilization, acting as a whole and free person.

More: Okuda h/t: streetartnews

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