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German Factory Introducing the ‘“Double-Lambretta”, 1953


In 1953, the NSU factory in Dusseldorf, Germany, introduced the “Double-Lambretta.” Initially designed for young couples, this small motorcycle could be expanded by joining it with another Lambretta to accommodate a growing family, effectively transforming into a small car that could carry two adults and two children, achieving speeds of up to 78 km/h and a fuel efficiency of 3.4 liters per 100 km.



The motor scooter began to gain popularity in post-war Germany, and NSU was quick to capitalize on this trend. They launched the NSU Lambretta at the 1950 Frankfurt Trade Fair, manufactured under license from the Italian company Innocenti. Targeting women, the Lambretta boasted a fuel consumption of just 2 liters/100 km and saw tremendous commercial success, with 1,100 units produced in August 1951 alone.


By the time production ceased in 1957, approximately 189,000 units had been made. Initially faithful to Innocenti’s designs, NSU soon added their own enhancements. The NSU Luxury Lambretta, an upgraded model, featured two-tone paint, polished aluminum accents on the rear panels, a front bumper bar, and a parking light controllable from the dashboard.

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