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Hairy Leggings Are Here To Create the Illusion Of Unshaven Legs

Because the locomotive engineer driving humanity’s train decided to push the lever to full-steam ahead and then break it off so we’re left barreling towards the end of the line, these are a pair of hairy leg leggings (with a blank crotch like a Ken doll) available from custom clothing printer Contrado.

“The shocking clothes angle is something that we are seeing more and more, which is why we are keen to supply these designs to our customers as well,” Contrado editor Claire Belle Freed told Teen Vogue in an email. She also told the Daily Mail, “We are seeing more and more customers create outrageously funny, ‘intimate’ and even taboo designs. From naked body parts on men’s boxers and women’s underwear, superfan designs of their favourite celebs, to very clever and witty slogans on our t-shirts and dresses, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen – or anything that shocks us anymore!”

Freed explains that the designer behind the look created them in a variety of skin tones, all of which are available for purchase.

More: Contrado h/t: teenvogue, geekologie

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