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The World’s Most Expensive Model Car

The world’s most expensive model car is expected to be auctioned for £3million in December, which is nearly 12 times the price of a real Lamborghini Aventador. German model maker Robert Wilhelm Gülpen took 500 hours to create the 1:8 scale model. Nearly £1.8 million worth of precious stones and metals have gone into this piece of auto-art. Mr Gülpen says: “Essentially the model is made out of solid gold and platinum. The body of the prototype additionally features genuine carbon fiber, as used in Formula 1 cars; gold and platinum rims and to add that extra wow factor diamonds in the seats, steering wheel and headlights.” If a potential buyer doesn’t feel like waiting until Christmas, they can buy the model car now by shelling out an extra million pounds. They can go to Robert directly to secure the model car for themselves before it goes to auction for a fixed price of £4,144,646. They have the option to personalise the model car. (RGE Robert Gülpen Engineering/Rex Features)

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