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A Banana Artist Who Turns The Fruit Into Cartoons, Animals, and More


Numerous times, it has been proven that true artists don’t require fancy supplies to create masterpieces.

Many songwriters jot down lyrics on scraps of paper, and graphic designers have been known to sketch initial logo ideas on napkins in cafes, some of which later become iconic. This illustrates that talent and artistic spirit can transcend the absence of traditional tools.

Artists often use unconventional canvases for their creations. Rather than using paper or traditional art materials, they opt for unique objects, like a banana. Yes, you read that correctly! Stephan Brusche, an artist from Rotterdam, Netherlands, uses bananas as his primary canvas. The results are surprising and impressive, given the challenge of working with fruit as a medium. If you’re curious about his work, scroll down to see Stephan’s latest pieces.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

[image] 59027
[image] 67439
[image] 402363
[image] 425324
[image] 697277
[image] 972426
[image] 1444192
[image] 1733936
[image] 2224579
[image] 2334965
[image] 2975522
[image] 2976928
[image] 3314912
[image] 3329271
[image] 3426279
[image] 3451101
[image] 3576378
[image] 3647486
[image] 3833369
[image] 3973154
[image] 4300222
[image] 4505739
[image] 4971463
[image] 5278641
[image] 5290668
[image] 5621611
[image] 5806248
[image] 5900030
[image] 6013224
[image] 6043709
[image] 6470097
[image] 6488673
[image] 6631418
[image] 7300584
[image] 7446092
[image] 8008156
[image] 8060214
[image] 8186925
[image] 8287804
[image] 8566607
[image] 8650250
[image] 8955385
[image] 9266910
[image] 9364362
[image] 9503719
[image] 9782273
[image] 9956632
[image] 9985707
[image] 8597627
[image] 649630
[image] 3040038

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