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Yovanovitch and Louboutin’s Iconic Women Inspired Artistic Chairs


Pierre Yovanovitch and Christian Louboutin have launched a seating collection that merges haute couture craftsmanship with a bold expression of femininity.

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Presented at Yovanovitch’s New York gallery, the collection includes nine unique oakwood chairs, each inspired by a distinct female muse from history, mythology, and film. For example, the Nefertari chair features golden-bronze heels symbolizing regality and power, while the Zenobie chair pays homage to a third-century queen with elegant turquoise accents.

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The Simply Nude series, inspired by Louboutin’s Nudes shoe line, offers chairs in various wood stains to celebrate skin-tone diversity, paired with upholstery matching Louboutin’s iconic red soles. This collaboration, crafted by expert French artisans, represents a blend of Yovanovitch’s architectural precision and Louboutin’s dramatic fashion flair, resulting in groundbreaking pieces that honor the strength and beauty of women.

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Dita Hair
Josefina Chair
Nefertari Chair
Zenobi Chair

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