This Guy Came Up With A Plan To Turn Any Backyard Into A Beach

Summer vacations are all about sun, sea, and sand. Wouldn’t you agree? Unfortunately for some of us, getting to the seaside can be one difficult task because things keep getting in our way. Maybe your car just broke down. Perhaps your partner got the chickenpox. Or maybe you live so far away from the beach that it would take you a solid week to get there.

Here’s a bit of good news — you can have your very own personal beach right in your backyard. Founder of the Zydeco Construction company, Eric White builds private oases that look stunning, like they came from the pages of an exotic travel guide.

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The exterior construction company is based in Maurepas, Louisiana, and specializes in making unique-looking beaches that cost about as much as a swimming pool — roughly 20,000 dollars. These awesome oases are sure to have the neighbors raising an eyebrow or two.

White told USA Today’s The Daily Advertiser that “it has always been a dream of mine to do these different things. I am all about figuring out a way to make things happen. I can look at any situation and come up with a way to fix it. I like to stay in the market for things that most companies don’t offer, especially custom requests.”

According to White, he had a very rough life. He said he was “homeless at 15 for about eight months” because he had “dropped out of school in the ninth grade and only had a second-grade reading skill.” Fortunately, after changing a few jobs, he became team manager at a construction company and eventually went on to found his own company, Cool Pools, which he sold. Now, he’s the founder of Zydeco Construction that makes these awesome oasis-like pools.

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