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Bestiarium Mobile

A beautiful mobile based on the animal depictions and stories from medieval bestiaries. The mobile is for home decoration: It hangs in the biologist’s library, turns a graphic designer’s office into a happier place, decorates grandma’s knitting corner and inspires the cat’s imagination. It is not suitable for babies or toddlers. Project by Laura Kra.

Every mobile tells a story based on a description from a medieval bestiary. This is our little hedgehog stealing apples in the Latin Bestiary Cambridge from 1320, for example.

In the dark, cold of the deep sea live the cousins of all creatures found on land: the Sea-Horse, the Sea-Goat, the Sea-Swine, and the Sea-Finch. They are evil and mysterious creatures, as from hell itself.

Get the story of the Cunning Fox as a mobile!

…and this is what our Sleepy Whale looks like.

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