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Inventor Creates A $1500 Dome-Shaped Mobile Dream Home On Wheels


The 112-square-foot habitable Life Pod built by inventor Michael Weekes comes at an affordable price and includes 100 square feet of living space, a full-sized bed, a shower, sink, a microwave oven and even a compostable toilet.

h/t: inhabitat


Michel Weekes built the 8-foot diameter Life Pod dome in 10 weeks using Luan plywood covered with TPO-thermoplastic polyolefin.


The 1,200-pound dome is a 13 1/2-foot long structure designed according to the Golden Ratio principle of proportion found in nature.


It offers 100 square feet of ventilated living space, a bed, kitchen, shower and sink, with a ceiling fan and oil burner heater powered by 110-volt electrical power obtained from an electrical outlet.


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