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“Ulm Nest”: Sleep Capsules Are Designed to Protect Ulm Homeless People from Freezing to Death

Mobile sleeping pods were set up again in Ulm, a city in the south German state of Baden-Württemberg, where homeless people can spend the night. The “Ulmer Nester” are an additional offer of the homeless assistance in Ulm.

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The mobile sleeping pods are intended for people without a fixed abode who do not want to or cannot use the overnight shelter in Ulm. The “Ulmer Nester” are thus part of a concept for frostbite protection that the city of Ulm has developed together with the providers of assistance for the homeless. As in the previous year, one mobile sleeping facility is located at Karlsplatz in Ulm, the other at the Old Cemetery.

In the future, the two “Ulmer Nester” will always be set up during the cold months. According to the announcement, they were revised before their permanent use. For example, the seal was improved and the closing mechanism simplified. However, the work was delayed due to Covid-19.

If the mobile sleeping facilities are used, sensors send a corresponding message to the Caritas Association Ulm-Alb-Donau. This means that the next morning, an employee can visit the people who have spent the night there. The aim is also to provide information about other services for the homeless.

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