Frog Freezes Solid while Searching for a Mate on Icy Norwegian Lake – Design You Trust

Frog Freezes Solid while Searching for a Mate on Icy Norwegian Lake

It almost looks like it is sleeping, but sadly, this little frog will not jump again as it froze solid trying to cross a lake in Norway. It is thought that a sudden rise in temperatures fooled the hibernating amphibian and it ventured out across the lake to find a girlfriend. However, as the lake froze, possibly overnight, the frog would have returned to hibernation out in the open, and died from the cold.

Photographer Svein Nordrum, 54, discovered the creature caught out by freezing conditions. He said: ‘I was out skating for a couple of hours and, suddenly; I saw something on the surface of the ice. When I saw it was a frog, frozen stiff, I was quite shocked. I have never seen anything like it before.’

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