An Incredible Jet Engine Barbeque Grill Built By Delta Airlines Techs Using Scrapped Pratt & Whitney Parts

The talented techs of Delta Airlines built a working barbeque grill using scrapped Pratt & Whitney PW2000 series engine parts that looks like a real 757 jet engine.

More: Imgur h/t: laughingsquid

A year prior, the Deltatechs created the “Celebration Grill”, an amazing aircraft scale replica that can grill up to 500 burgers at one time. This company sanctioned project was created with new parts (rather than scraps) with a wingspan that measures more than 20 feet across.

“When the Technical Operations team at Delta decided to build a custom, large-scale grill, a collaborative design process started with a lot of napkin talk and quickly turned into an original that is memorable, fun to build and something Delta people could enjoy.”

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