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Finally, LEGO Announces Its Own Foldable Device , An Antidote To Folding Phone Mania

In a surprising piece of news, Lego has not missed out on an opportunity to embrace a massive mobile tech trend this year — folding smartphones. What, exactly, has the brick company come up with to take on the might of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X? It’s the LEGO Fold, and like folding smartphones, the design has been heavily — and we mean heavily — influenced by a traditional book.

The LEGO Fold appeared on the company’s Twitter account, in a message letting us know it has a 5-inch cover display, and an 11-inch main view when unfolded. Describing it as showing “pop-up” visuals, we imagine it’s hinting at a 3D-like experience. The Galaxy Fold makes do with a 7.3-inch unfolded screen, while even the Huawei Mate X’s 8-inch screen will look small next to it.

Thanks, god, the LEGO Fold, as a folding smartphone, doesn’t exist. This is Lego poking fun at the mania surrounding folding smartphones, including the reference to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold promotional image, to cleverly show off its own folding product. The $70 LEGO Ideas Pop-up Book was released at the end of 2018, and is the first product of its type for the company.

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