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Container Community for Migrant Children

Migrant children play games in Heiqiao “Magic cube” community in Beijing on Sept 28, 2011. The community, located in Chaoyang district in Beijing, has become a study and playing center for migrant children living nearby. Classrooms in the community are all remodeled containers. For migrant children who used to play or study on the roadside, the community is a good place where they are taken care of and taught by volunteers. There are six container communities funded by Compassion for Migrant Children in Beijing and Shanghai, benefiting more than 7,000 migrant children. (CFP)

Two volunteers from University of International Business and Economics teach children in a container community classroom on Sept 28, 2011. (CFP)

Classrooms are all installed with air-conditioners in Heiqiao “Magic cube” community in Beijing. (CFP)

A group of migrant children ask for application forms from a staff member at the community on Sept 28, 2011. (CFP)

Zhang Xiaoyi, who lives nearby, looks into the community. She can not apply for the community yet as she is too young to be admitted. (CFP)

Migrant children play games in Heiqiao “Magic cube” community in Beijing on Sept 28, 2011. (CFP)

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