Exquisite Realistic Paintings By Russian Artist Serge Marshennikov

Serge Marshennikov is a Russian artist born was born in 1971 in Ufa (Bashkiria, USSR). His grandfather was a general manager of a horse breeding company. His father an electric engineer and his mother a pre-school educator. As far as he can remember, Serge was always drawing, painting and sculpting, from any material he could land his hands on.

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His mother encouraged Serge to study, and from an early childhood he had a succession of private teachers and attended multiple art studios. After receiving several awards for his children’s watercolor and pastel paintings, Serge decided to become a professional painter.

In 1995, Serge Marshennikov finished the Ufa Art College. By that time, he continued education at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world “The Repin Academy of Fine Art” in St. Petersburg, Russia. As one of the most talented graduates of the academy. He conducted his post-graduate studies under the personal tutelage of Academician, the Rector of the Academy, Professor Milnikov at his studio.

Serge’s graduation work quickly caught the eye of faculty members from Brownwood University in Texas, and Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. As a result, he exhibited during his post-graduation years in the art departments of both Universities.

His amazing hyperrealist paintings of women in interior spaces are heavily influenced by the mid-twentieth century American artist Andrew Wyeth. Wyeth painted the rural farming communities of his hometowns in America with sensitivity and affection becoming arguably the most popular artist of his time.

Later he painted a series of paintings of his father’s nurse and caretaker, Helga. Indeed, these paintings are so realistic that Helga almost seems present. Similarly, it is in this way that Marshennikov portrays his sisters, depicting their skin and hair with the loving affection, which Wyeth portrayed Helga.

“I was seduced by Serge Marshennikov’s alluring female oil portrait, The Pirate Style Bed. Marshennikov uses the languorous pose of his model, a delicate swatch of lace draped over her hip, and deep folds of luxuriant bed sheets, comforters, warm pillows to convey sensuality, femininity and the promise of endless pleasure, that comes with waking each morning with original works of exquisite art,” Tomas Hall, art critique, Florida.

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