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Unfinished Wool Felt Cat Doll Haunts Japanese Twitter User

Twitter user @ponkotuonnna shows, the hobby can also yield some terrifying works, particularly if they’re left unfinished!

@ponkotuonnna recently shared proof of that on Twitter. While cleaning up their house, @ponkotuonnna stumbled upon a wool felt cat they had once worked on, but given up halfway through the process. They were obviously frightened, particularly as the earless creature seems to be saying “you thought you could get rid of me?”

More: Twitter (jp) h/t: grapee

@ponkotuonnna writes that they are grateful for all the attention and likes the post has received, and feels motivated to get back to work on the wool felt art, as well as add some ears to the cat creature and shape up the body. As scary as it seems to look right now, it appears to be very well made and could one day be a very cute cat doll!

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