How Male Beauty Standards Have Changed Over 100 Years


The creators of the YouTube channel Cut have on more than one occasion focused on the changes which have taken place in women’s fashion in different countries across the course of the past century. Finally, they’ve done the same thing for men: using the example of fashionable American guys, the guys over at Cut have reproduced the dominant style for each decade of the twentieth century one by one. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how much things have changed!

The moustache was the main attribute of a gentleman in the 1910s


The 1920s: the jazz age


The 1930s: Hollywood slickness


The 1940s, Hello, sailor!


The 1950s: dance like Elvis


The 1960s: the iconic style


The 1970s: the blossoming of the hippies


The 1980s: The Wolf of Wall Street


The 1990s: Grunge, grunge, grunge


The 2000s: The metrosexual appears


The 2010s: the man bun and beard


And here’s the video:

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